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RemoteSite provides predictive intelligence to reduce uncertainty and accelerate project delivery

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Based on aerial mapping, 3D modeling and AI, RemoteSite effectively digitizes the construction site, enabling collaboration, monitoring, and control over the construction process. Our AI engine automates the measuring, tracking and inspection processes, dramatically improving efficiency, increasing quality, and reducing construction costs.

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Generate actionable insights

Based on the pace of the work carried out so far, we are able to estimate if project deadlines will be met while maintaining the pace

Achieve cost savings

Progress reporting time can be shortened by 35%, which provides lowered supervision costs. RemoteSite enables early discrepancies detection, allowing to take appropriate actions and minimizing the issue escalation risk

Increase Productivity

RemoteSite is 520 times faster than traditional quality surveying methods. Real-time information, progress tracking and in-depth analysis of your project allows faster, smarter decision making across all teams

Create a single source of truth

RemoteSite platform is designed to facilitate collaboration by allowing different stakeholders to work from a single source of accurate data. It provides fully data-based reports with 100% site coverage, which results in increased awareness of the site, due to data visualization.

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