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Let’s look at the future from the sky together!

Arventek is making data do more for asset-heavy industries, from construction to mining, energy and utilities to oil and gas and beyond. We work with the companies that have the biggest impact on our planet, because that’s where the potential for change and progress is the greatest.

We’re on a mission to power a high-tech, sustainable, and profitable industrial future.

Success will require industries to make better use of their data in order to optimize operations to meet growing demands, while also investing in their own sustainable and carbon-free energy future.


Passion for Technology

We aim to follow the new technologies of our age closely.


Research and Innovation

For every work we do, we conduct very detailed researches.


Human and Nature Focus

We place people in the heart of every product and technology we produce.



Our statements and actions comply with each other. We share our opinions transparently.


Diversity and Inclusion

We respect social, political and cultural values in every geography by rejecting all kinds of discrimination.


Continuity of High-Quality

We apply a world-class quality continuity in our products and technologies. products and technologies.

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Our story

Turn Ideas into Reality

Arventek is a construction technology (ConTech) company offering RemoteSite, a cloud-based construction data analytics platform that provides certainty, enhances project management, and accelerates delivery of infrastructure construction projects.

Based on aerial mapping, 3D modeling and AI, RemoteSite effectively digitizes the construction site, enabling collaboration, monitoring, and control over the construction process. Our AI engine automates the measuring, tracking and inspection processes, dramatically improving efficiency, increasing quality, and reducing construction costs.

How did we get here?

In 2020, we have come together with the name of Arventek as a team desiring to announce the idea of supporting innovation and digital transformation in the construction industry to the whole world from an office in Istanbul.

For those already embracing the benefits of drone-based data collection, Arventek helps deepen their path to profitability & scalability with advanced progress tracking, data centralization, and powerful like RemoteSite, that make it easy to share worksite progress across the entire organization. 3D site models let technicians and managers accurately measure and gauge site progress. Detailed progress and measurement reports help keep projects on track, on time, and on budget.

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