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Gaze the Future from The Skies!


Bringing human-powered business processes to advanced technology through unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence.

The World of Our Dreams

To create a future where business processes become easier and people show better performance by taking advantage of the power of data through unmanned aerial vehicles and developing new-age technologies.


Who are we?

We have come together with the name of Arventek as a team desiring to announce the idea of supporting innovation and digital transformation in the construction industry to the whole world from an office in Istanbul. Thus, in 2020, we took our step into the world of Startup and Technology, from Istanbul connecting Europe to Asia.

As an information technology company, targeting the problems experienced in the construction industry in matters such as time, cost, resource, coordination, progress payment, measurement, distance, danger and data analysis and the technology market open to development, we manufacture the latest technology VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, Drones) designed and developed by us. In addition, we develop a photogrammetry data processing and reporting platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning support by extracting meaningful data from the image data we obtain from drones.

In this exciting journey, we have started with the construction industry, we are in an ecosystem where we will contribute to local and national manufacturing and technology and promote it in the world as a Turkey-based firm by providing an infrastructure to sufficiently meet the needs and goals of sectors such as Oil and Gas Refineries, Infrastructure and Utilities, Mining and Quarries, Agriculture and Forestry, Public Security, Insurance, Health, Security and Defense, Logistics, Humanitarian and Wildlife Protection.

What We Do?

Arventek digitally transforms the civil engineering processes used in the construction, survey and infrastructure audit markets through fully automatic, high-precision and cost-effective solutions keeping field teams safe.  It uses state-of-the-art drone and camera technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining-powered big data analysis platform, significantly reducing the amount of time, measurement teams spend in the field, accelerates construction progress and reduces infrastructure inspection time.

With its intuitive, simple and automated solutions and services, it increases productivity by providing fast, precise and analyzed worksite progress data for civil engineering and civil infrastructure projects on roads, intersections, commercial and residential buildings, pipelines, industrial facilities, bridges, railways and more.



Co-founder | CTO


Co-founder | CEO

Suat Bozkurt


Avionics Engineer

Our Values

Passion for Technology

We aim to follow the new technologies of our age closely and be a pioneer in implementing these technologies. We bring new perspectives and uses to these technologies.

Research and Innovation

For every work we do, we conduct very detailed researches by considering many aspects. We design processes by blending our researches and conduct innovative studies.

Human and Nature Focus

We place people in the heart of every product and technology we produce. We contribute to creating a better and livable future through sustainability goals treasuring the environment and nature.

Continuity of High-Quality

We apply a world-class quality continuity in our products and technologies we design and develop through our business processes. We aim to achieve excellence by adopting simple and agile principles.


Our statements and actions comply with each other.  We share our opinions transparently and we support and attach importance to all our stakeholders to express their opinions openly to achieve efficient results.

Diversity and Inclusion

We respect social, political and cultural values in every geography by rejecting all kinds of discrimination. We are building a corporate culture that appreciates continuous development, information sharing and the spirit of unity through a global and participatory management approach.

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