AI-Powered Construction Progress Monitoring

Full digital field construction progress tracking. To decrease re-work cost. To mitigate litigation risk. 100% databased.

Arventek is a construction technology (Contech) company offering RemoteSite, a cloud-based construction data analytics platform that provides certainty, enhances project management and accelerates delivery of infrastructure construction projects.

Based on aerial mapping, 3D modeling and AI, RemoteSite effectively digitizes the construction site, enabling collaboration, monitoring, and control over the construction process. Our AI engine automates the measuring, tracking and inspection processes, dramatically improving efficiency, increasing quality, and reducing construction costs.

We simplify worksite management for your industry

Capital Construction Projects

Mining and Quarries

Oil & Gas

Renewable Energy

Property Management

Power & Utility

Helping worksites around the world

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Automate processing and streamline analysis

Simply drag and drop your flight data into RemoteSite Platform, and we’ll process your images into a 3D map of your worksite. From there, you can measure stockpiles, generate cut/fills, see survey data analysis reports, and share progress using our cloud-based 3D modeling platform.

Collect more, highly accurate survey data

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading drone hardware manufacturers to produce a simple, integrated data collection workflow that combines UAV technology with our remote sensing smart ground control points. This winning combination allows you to capture survey-grade data with drone mapping software in a fraction of the time of traditional surveying methods, and at a fraction of the cost.

Trusted by Organizations of Every Size

RemoteSite is designed with everyone in mind: We have products for a wide range of project types, and a wide range of stakeholders. From 1-month renovation project to multiyear megaprojects and from the trades to General Contractors, Project Managements to lenders, and owners to insurers–we’ve got you covered.


Manage risk during both construction and operation, and sleep better at night knowing you have ground-truth data that keeps everyone on the same page

Engineering Firms

Keep everyone on the same page by clearly communicating the plan and what has happened. Take your clients on a virtual journey of their sites and guide them through the project, from planning to completion!

General Contractors

Stop spending countless hours trying to describe jobsite conditions. Allow your stakeholders to see the site for themselves with secure, role-based remote site access and handover!

Predictable costs, predictable revenue

Everything that you need to track your jobsite’s progress in one central progress record.

Travel Less, Save More

Verify work without expensive destructive verification, efficiently evaluate change orders and payments, and catch issues before they bust your budget. Verify work without expensive destructive verification, efficiently evaluate change orders and payments, and catch issues before they bust your budget.

Accelerate Your Project’s Progress

RemoteSite construction photo documentation technology accelerates project delivery, cuts budget overruns due to rework and change orders, and allows you to better control risk and liability.

50% savings in travel costs

Save unnecessary travel to the site, and put your most experienced eyes on more projects.

Gain Remote Site Access

Generate a 360° experience and view your jobsite in HoloBuilder anytime, anywhere. Never be without the construction documentation that you need!

Smarter asset management

Visual data is valuable not just during construction, but during operations. Now you have a true as-built to manage disputes and inform future renovations.

Ensure That All Progress Is Recorded

Store all relevant documents and digital assets in an organized digital progress record, preparing you for any dispute resolution—simply to be on the safe side!

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