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The RemoteSite Platform

RemoteSite is cloud-based platform designed and developed for infrastructure and construction projects. It allows to monitor construction project progress via its 3D digital twin, monitor quality remotely, and control budgets based on actionable project execution metrics extracted from field data.

RemoteSite provides a single source of up-to-date data throughout the entire lifecycle of the constructed asset, enabling stakeholders to efficiently manage job sites, from planning to execution and maintenance. Digitizing and automating monitoring, data analysis and reporting processes provides simplicity and collaboration for your project management.

Connect your data with us

3D Reality Models that anyone can understand


Track the current status of the project through point clouds and 3D models of georeferencing photos

Monitor progress by design

Visually see progress over time and check design using point, section, and surface-to-surface comparisons

Comparison with As-Built

Compare your BIM Models with what’s actually happening at your job site and monitor changes over time.

Analyze your Operations

Advanced 2D/3D Measurements

Calculate the volume of stockpiles, measure surface areas and visualize cut/filling work

Remote Inspections

Use 3D models to identify hazards on your site and resolve conflicts

Compare works over time

Easily track execution progress over time by comparing digital twins of construction sites on different dates

Take the Right Actions

Automatic construction progress reports

Our powerful reporting provides your team with shared insights. Get automatic progress reports on the overall status of your project.

Stay in the Program

Track your current status in your work schedule by comparing your KPIs with your progress data

Customizable Reporting

Quickly generate timestamped PDF and CSV reports. Turn your data into business intelligence reports

Effortless collaboration and coordination

Export and Share Data

Export all standard data file types for easy inclusion in your workflow

Collaborate from Anywhere

Connect your team with an interactive, up-to-date visual record of your project

Stay on the same page with your teams

Track all your projects from a single center

Who we help

Increase the speed and efficiency of earthmoving projects with automated cut/fill analysis, stockpile tracking, & reporting

Keep projects on schedule, report progress, and efficiently manage logistics with site reality

Aerial and ground data allow you to stay connected with your project without ever stepping on-site

Decrease time-on-site and deliver accurate topographic maps in hours

Conduct remote inspections by comparing aerial maps to design-plans  

Save hours of time each week with an automated Progress Report in RemoteSite

All in one place

The only place you’ll find all of this data, and more, is in the RemoteSite platform, request your trial today to see how we can start saving you time and money.

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